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Hibu Hurts

We had to dive into how this company does business. This a heads up to all the local PA companies that put their faith in doing good business. Here's what we found out very quickly.
Stock Photos Used

Hibu doesn't do good business. They use stock photos that are all over the web. This will give your site a ranking hit because the content isn't original. It's all over the web.

Domain Name Length

The way they choose domain names result in them being too long in some cases. Hardly anyone would ever be able to simply type in your domain name with out mistyping it.

Bad Video

From what we know they charge for an upgrade for the video they produce. It's basically the same video with different images and voiceovers. Some people do use their own videos.

Design and Branding

The web designs are basically the same across all niches. Plus they brand your site with their links. One click and your customers leave your page. It's bad enough they put their footer on every site.

You wouldn't expect this.


My friend wanted me to look over his chiropractor’s website that has been offline for some reason.
In the midst of the inspection, plenty of other sites showed up that I decided to take a look at.
The ones that were branded with "Powered By Hibu" seemed to lack in quality by eyesight and looked
like they were outdated. It made me decide to do a Google Search for Chiropractor Powered By Hibu
2017 Pa. What I found was unbelievable to say the least. For a big company to basically prey on
Small businesses is really sad. Across all business niches. The websites were pretty much all the same. I’m not sure if they have the business actually do the site themselves or if they build the site for the business. The designs are really outdated. I would hope that the content would be specific to the businesses but from the look of the videos, I guess not. Its the same basic video with a different voiceover from the same female narrator. Some other companies have more personalized videos. I'm guessing this was probably an up sell also depending on what your company is willing to pay for a video. Most companies just don't know how to price these type of services. When it all comes down to it, I'm pretty sure you would want something original and appealing for your money. The videos have Hibu branding on them and most are Copyrighted in 2013. Here are some screenshots of the beginning of some of varies company
videos. All branded because they belong to Hibu and not the business it represents, the one that pays for it.
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A Plumbing Company
Hibu's Videos
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A Chiropractor
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A Pizza Shop

With How they have everything set up, they are experts at marketing themselves at the cost of small businesses.
With all the people to pay and overhead, they can't be as flexible as you would like them to be. 

From what I have read, they completely miss the mark when it comes to social media help as well. Your
ads should drive traffic to good content that you have online. Otherwise you spend
money for people to simply view your website or social media page but make no
attempt to contact you about your services. If they even click on your ad.
Then there are the IMAGES!
Wow, it’s the worst. They use the same images, maybe 12-15 of them
for each niche site. Do a simple image search. Thousands of sites with the same images and Hibu branded 30
second videos that I’m sure were an upsell to the web design. A web design that isn’t at all eye 
catching in 2018, that is also Hibu branded with a link that takes people off of your site. Just
shocked that a big company would do this type of business with so many unsuspecting people. I’ve
learned that they actually send someone out to your business as your local rep. People have spoken
of how good the customer service is and it keeps you in the dark about what they are doing. They lock people Into contracts for PPC ads and Facebook ad campaigns, which may be useless to some businesses. The way they attempt at SEO is no good because of how they name your company website. The names are
entirely too long in most cases, because they attempt to name the website the same as the exact
keywords people may search to find your business. Look at these site URLs for example. Why does
the company homepage have to end in a number sequence? I guess it's in the script they use.
Here are just some of the photos they use for different niches. Plumbers, Caterers, Pizza Shops, Chiropractors and More. Most sites use the stock images that Hibu claims to own.
You Don't Own Your Internet Properties

   We keep saying it's “your site”. It’s in reality Hibu’s web page that they’re renting to you. Wherein the general public’s frustration with Hibu stems from is the truth that in many cases they maintain their customers internet properties for ransom. If you make a decision to cease your contract with Hibu, you must have plenty to show for it. Hibu nonetheless owns your internet site and claims your search listings along with Google My business, Bing and different directories. if you want to make any modifications, or truly maintain control of your Google listings you’re at their mercy.

The fact that in relation to local searches, industry experts cite Google My Business as the most important rating factor. If you can’t manage your own Google My Business listing, let alone see what’s going on the backend of it, you’ve got no chance of making changes or enhancements. 

I've also read that the equal may be said for Hibu’s video advertising and marketing package, at a steep $20/ month, your motion pictures are hosted on Hibu’s YouTube account, minimally optimized and also you’ve guessed it, you still don’t own it!
Then You Have To Find The Reviews
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Last But Not Least, Read The Fine Print.

Their Infamous Footer

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We hope you haven't had any bad experiences that may have compromised your online presence.

Some of this information is troubling, to say the least. We truly wish all our PA Businesses the best
as Your Internet Presence becomes a bigger part of your success.